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Fatal Pictures ‘HANG UP!’ Full Film & Review


Horror has a bizarre ability to entertain regardless of what terrifying or brutal acts we’re witnessing. In the case of Zach Green’s new film, ‘Hang Up!”, we find just hearing a butt-dial can be true horror. No blood, killers, or supernatural hook are needed, just an ill-received phone call from a loved one can deliver pain that a 1000 gallons of fake blood or tears sometimes can’t.

Fatal Pictures have created some amazing low/no budget horror masterpieces, with Familiar and Worm being my favorites. Zach and his approach to horror is not only refreshing, but he proves you don’t need a major studio and a $10 million dollar budget to get under our skin. You’ll think about this for days after you watch it. Just imagine your husband or wife on the other end of this call.

In Zach’s newest film, we have the titular Robert Nolan back in front of the camera. Nolan stars as Gary, a poor schmuck who simply receives a butt-dial from his wife, Amelia, who is voiced by Astrida Auza. Amelia is speaking with her friend and has no clue Gary is also called. He smiles at first, telling his beloved wife that she’s accidentally called. He means to hang up, then he begins to listen, and what he hears is something no husband should ever hear from his wife.

Gary never interjects, never raises his voice to tell his wife that he is aware of the conversation between Amelia and her friend. I’ve certainly been in relationships where I might have been shocked at what my significant other said about me, but the content in ‘Hang Up!” takes it to insane new levels of pain and concerted evil.

Emilia just doesn’t drop the bomb that she wants to divorce Gary, instead what she says is enough to destroy the most solid of relationships and even individuals. We’re forced to helplessly listen to the terrible words and see the pain and confusion wash across Gary’s face. Nolan is amazing at reacting to the venomous words. Nolan has a unique way of delivering intense scenes even when he’s the only one on screen. I can’t stress enough how important he is not only to the horror genre, but the craft of acting in general.

Filmed in grim black an white, Green perfectly captures the lifeless future Gary is sure to have. We never know how Gary reacts after the call. Does he call the cops? Does he divorce her, or does he speed over to her and kill her with his bare hands. I’m in the opinion that whatever Gary chooses, it’s too good for her.

Zach was great enough to share his permission for me to link the full movie below. I urge you to spend the 14 minute run-time. Not only is this short film free, this is horror 101 no matter how you slice it. Kudos to everyone at Fatal Pictures for consistently providing unique offerings to the world of horror. I can’t say it enough, Robert Nolan’s raw talent is a gift to modern cinema. Enjoy, kids!

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