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Glenn Danzig Drops the First Trailer for ‘VEROTIKA’


Horror, comic, and music fans rejoice! Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, the horror anthology ‘VEROTIKA’ has it’s first trailer available. Soaked in blood, teaming with half-naked women, and steeped in a killer occult vibe, ‘VEROTIKA’ will surely be an instant cult classic. The film features stories collected from Danzig’s popular and gritty line of comics.

The anthology-themed film stars Rachel Alig, Alice Haig, Natilia Borowsky, Sean Kanan, Scotch Hopkins, Ashley Wisdom, and Kayden Kross.

Cleopatra Entertainment are proud to announce the film’s VOD debut is 2/25/2020 and the Blu-ray debut is 3/3/2020.

Written, directed, and scored by Glenn Danzig.

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