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Halloween Special: Zak Bagans & ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew to Investigate the True Life ‘Conjuring’ House!


Well, this didn’t take long! Last week it was announced that a couple purchased the long-rumored haunted farmhouse in scenic Rhode Island, and now Zak and the GAC are headed east to investigate!

Built in 1736, the Perron Family were the unlucky inhabitants that inspired the ‘The Conjuring’ film. Locals and ghost hunters alike claim the house is haunted by the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman. Is the home truly haunted or is this a cash in gimmick? I guess we’ll all know once Zak and his trusty crew of neckbeards tackle the spirit head on in October.

The Halloween special runs two hours and airs 10/31/19 at 9PM EST only on The Travel Channel.


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