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Avery ‘Tweak’ Craft Beer Review

Brewed by Avery Brewing Company

Style: American Double/Imperial Stout

17.81% ABV

Serve at 48-50°

Availability: rotating

Enjoyed from a snifter

(formerly known as Meph Addict and Coffeestopholes)

A: Pours a viscous black-onyx liquid with a finger of dense, tan head atop that vanishes rather quickly. Nice retention throughout.

S: Roasted coffee, espresso, vanilla, molasses, bourbon, roasted malt, chocolate. Boozy indeed.

T: Super sweet; chocolate, cocoa powder, oak, bourbon, hints of vanilla, toffee. A little hot, but nowhere as boozy as expected. Just wow.

M: Very thick and creamy as expected. The carbonation is perhaps a little more present and lively than needed for the style, but simply awesome to sip on.

O: This beer comes with quite a reputation and price tag as are most of the Avery big guns, but this is something you’ll all want to try. My girlfriend and I split our first and spent a solid 40 minutes sipping these back. I have a few left in the fridge and can assure you this is not a brew you want to drink quickly…or on a work night! Killer brew.

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