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Lagunitas ‘Brown Shugga” Beer Review

Brewed by Lagunas Brewing Company

Style: American Strong Ale

9.99% ABV

Serve at 48-50°

Availability: Winter

Enjoyed from a tulip glass

A: Pours a gorgeous orange-copper with two fingers of dense cream-colored head. Loads of thick retention and lacing. Quite the bubbly ale!

S: Crisp, piney hops, floral notes along with a subdued malty sweetness. The brown sugar profile becomes more obvious as it warms.

T: Absolutely delicious. Grassy, resinous hops, grapefruit, lemon rind. Earthy, floral, and sweet. Once again, as it warms, the sweet notes become more dominant.

M: Medium carbonation with a creamy, coating mouthfeel. Top notch.

O: I think I was expecting more of a brown sugar bomb than anything, but the overwhelming taste and quality of this beer won me over. I bought a six pack to share with my girlfriend and it was quickly depleted, sending me out for another twelve. This comes across more as a potent pale ale or IPA, regardless, this is the perfect beer to pair with a pizza or simply appreciate by itself. Truly one of the best quality brews in some time. Love it.

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