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Clutch Concert Review – Buster’s – Lexington, KY 9.10.14

9.6_9September 10, 2014

Let’s see, ears ringing, clothes doused in sweat, Country Boy “Couger Bait”, and the lingering perfume of someone special; sounds like a great evening to me. Legendary touring juggernaut, CLUTCH, stormed through Lexington on Wednesday night, leaving undecided minds convinced. Never lacking enthusiasm or his own personal brand of theatrics/politics/religion, Neil Fallon, Clutch front man, riled the crowd into hysterics. Maryland Earth Rockers, CLUTCH, offer a unique approach to southern fried, stoner, riff-rock, and Buster’s is a frequent proving ground. Ask any one of the hundreds of attendees that went to work deaf and hoarse on Thursday.

Focusing heavily on their newest album, Earth Rocker, CLUTCH opened the show with a teeth-rattling “Unto the Breach”, a proven crowd favorite, and very geek-leaning Doctor Who reference. Brimming with heaviness and a very catchy hook, the band settled into their groove and set the pace for a heavy evening of no frills, no bullshit rock n’ roll.

Once more unto the breach! Waiting on the corner for the Swiss guard to arrive…to arrive.
And when they do we’ll battle them and rattle them.
Halberd versus mind versus mind.
Once more unto the breach!

Tapping the classic album, Blast Tyrant, my personal favorite, the band ripped into “Profits of Doom” next. This song has some of the bands’ best, most colorful CUTCH-defining lyrics of all-time. “Born with a mustache and a supernova, tossed off the Cliffs of Dover…” Fallon was amped up, J.P., Tim, and Dan, providing the supersonic support essential to any blistering show. The crowd was eating out of Neil’s hands, myself included, and this is a powerful song for any setlist, let alone second in the long set.

The 18 song set was a climaxing crescendo of classic old school songs like “The Yeti” and “Mice and Gods”, with heavy doses of new Earth Rocker songs evening out a diverse CLUTCH show. The band never fails to deliver addictive hooks, wah-fueled guitars, and the crushing rhythm section only J.P. and Dan can deliver. To the casual listener, the raw talent that makes up CLUTCH, might be lost, but believe me, friends, this band taps into a primal music snob vein that hits me like a scorpion sting while on LSD. CLUTCH appreciates their fans on a different level than most, and the exchanged love isn’t lost on anyone in attendance.

You can visit the official CLUTCH website, for complete tour listings. The band is now ripping through America and you have plenty of chances to catch them on this leg of the Earth Rocker Tour. Many thanks to the CLUTCH PR team, who are always kind enough to hook me up with an interview or freebies every time the band rolls through town. Everything about this band is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant pool of popular music. Get out there and support live music!

Complete setlist:

Unto the Breach

Profits of Doom

Mice and Gods

Crucial Velocity

Cyborg Bette

The Yeti

D.C. Sound Attack!

The Regulator


Cypress Grove

Gone Cold

50,000 Unstoppable Watts

The Face

Mad Sidewinder

Earth Rocker


The Mob Goes Wild

Electric Worry

One Eye Dollar

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