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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday! Rebirth & Personal Development Part I


Hey, hey, Fistertados. I’m glad (and relieved) to see everyone is still visiting everyday, even with my visible absence as of late. I’ve been hunkered down in the Fister Muffin Research Kitchen, striving to make some much-needed changes to this site. I’ve assaulted Left Hand Horror with horror reviews, horror news, metal, craft beer, television, and too many left of center topics to mention; and I’ve done it faithfully since October 2011. I occasionally featured a couple of lovely horror writers, Jen and Amanda, who have this passion in their bones. Sometimes a fellow nerd, or “BLERD”, like my man, Henry, from Geek Soul Brother, and any wandering spaz that can use a semicolon correctly. Other than that, it’s always been all-Nate, all the time. If you’ve grown a site like this from the ground up, then you know it’s plenty of work to do what you love. This is no exception.

In the last three years, I’ve grown as a writer, built up my web skills, interviewed dozens of bad ass musicians, writers, directors, artists, and assorted international weirdos. This place has been awesome for putting me in front of insanely talented people, and it’s a blast. I thought about taking a really big step away from LHH after my life changed abruptly this year. I decided I’d had enough of what I was doing, moved out, traveled the divorce route, dropped 40 pounds in less than 60 days, committed to the very intimidating art, Jiu Jitsu, and completely overhauled my life in the best ways possible. I haven’t looked back, instead, I’ve intently stared into the future. I started working out and lifting weights, I whittled the bullshit calories and fat, and, well, basic bullshit in-general from my life, and I’m thrilled to say this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

My beloved metal has been through the ringer too, and came out on top as well. It’s darkly sonic presence morphed over the years, tested by time’s erosive power. For all its awesomeness, we still had to deal with hair metal, Limp Bizkits, cock rock, and a host of worse than trendy bands. Now, better than ever, we have old schoolers like Iron Maiden still around, newer groundbreaking bands like Periphery and Gojira, ear-rapers like Mastodon, complex beauty and destruction from Opeth, and every style, sub-style, and core theme you can imagine. We even have death metal bands with actual dogs for singers, and goblin metal..truly a golden age, right?

So, with all that, Left Hand Horror is back in business with a new outlook on life. No more time wasted on terrible films, no more run of the mill horror news; instead, I’m getting back to basics, and only films, beers, metal, and television that you deserve to hear about. I’m exercising a stripped down approach to life, and my site follows suite. So, in the nature of new beginnings. I give you the official WELCOME BACK Effing Metal Friday, and the theme is rebirth, change, and any great song that somehow captures my new-found sense of hyper-awareness. Thanks for sticking around!

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

Robert Frost


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2 Comments on [EMF] Effing Metal Friday! Rebirth & Personal Development Part I

  1. Mastodon is totally go-to lifting music at our house. Congrats on all the great work you’ve been doing with your work and fitness!

  2. Awesome! Hard to beat! Thanks so much, appreciate the encouragement. I’m on fire at the moment. \m/

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