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Teenage Leatherface Full of Angst/Some Skin in ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Prequel


In news of the why bother? It really looks like writer, Seth M. Sherwood is writing a teenage Leatherface sequel. If you’ve seen anything besides the first film, you know quality, originality, or integrity wasn’t the driving force in the franchi$e. Calm down, we all love Bill Moseley and TCM2 for different reasons than the first brutal film. With that said, what self-respecting horror fans wants to see this mysteriously fucked up and iconic character on the farm fighting off the urge to kill and/or teenage confusion? Not me. 

Millennium Films, the true object of your vitriol, is responsible for this pre-presumed mess of a film. Even Lionsgate is rumored to be distributing Teenage Massacre with production slated as soon as this December. I live in fear while awaiting directorial news for this ambitiously moronic prequel. 

While Leatherface was not available for comment, one has to wonder of he’s out there in the rural Texas landcape, bemoaning how fortunate his son/grandson is to have a dependable Stihl Chainsaw. 

Fuck all of this, 

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