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Smuttynose ‘Big Beer Series’ Imperial Stout Craft Beer Review

Brewed by Smuttynose Brewing Company

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

9.80% ABV

Serve at 48-50°

Availability: Rotating/Fall

Enjoyed from a DFH Signature glass

2014 bottle

A: Pours a thick black walnut color with a foamy cola-colored head atop. Nice lacing and retention.

S: Rich with herbal hops, toffee, sweet espresso, dark chocolate, burnt marshmallow, and mild charred fruit notes. A little boozy beneath the wealth of sweet malts.

T: Chocolate espresso, molasses, distant cinnamon, burnt berry and citrus, crispy thin burnt marshmallow and anise. Delicious.

M: Thick, velvety, and creamy. There’s a bitter chicory flavor that lingers into the distance,

O: Amazing RIS. Smuttynose have rarely disappointed since their arrival in my market. I’ll try anything they put on the shelf.

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