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King of Asgard “Karg” Out Today on Metal Blade Records!

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New Album “Karg” Available Today on Metal Blade Records

“Fucking Awesome”

-Metal Injection-

 “An impressive metal release from these Swedish lords of the Great North”

-Headbang or GTFO-

Swedish Viking black metal-tinged act, KING OF ASGARD has released their new album “Karg” today via Metal Blade Records. The album has received high critical praise and a great reception.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to visit to order your copy!

Last week the band debuted their video for the song “The Runes of Hel”.  The video can be viewed HERE.  The song entitled “Remant of the Past” can be streamed HERE.

“Karg”is the third album of KING OF ASGARD, following “Fi’mbulvintr”, which was released in 2010 and “…to North” in 2012.  “Karg”has again been recorded with Andy LaRocque at the infamous Sonic Train Studios.

The band’s two previous, critically acclaimed albums are available worldwide on Metal Blade Records. Listen to the band on iTunes and Spotify to hear what Terrorizer Magazine called “intense blackened folk metal”.

“Karg” track listing:

1 The Runes of Hel

2 The Trickster

3 Highland Rebellion

4 Remnant of the Past

5 Omma

6 The Heritage Throne

7 Huldran

8 Rising

9 (bonus track) Total Destruction



Karl Beckman – Guitar, Vocals

Jonas Albrektsson – Bass

Lars G Tängmark – Guitar

Karsten Larsson – Drums

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