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‘Mischief Night’ (2014) Movie Review

‘Mischief Night‘, the new film from writer/director, Travis Barker, puts a new spin on home invasion meets Halloween flicks. Take a look a the synopsis.

The night before Halloween, a teenage babysitter is stalked by a masked killer; but in an unusual turn of events, victim and victimizer begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. 

SPOILERS (not that it matters for this film)

‘Mischief Night‘ is one of the worst films I’ve seen this year. Thanks for nothing, Lionsgate. Starting with the weakest exposition and characterization possible, ‘Mischief Night‘  wanders right out of the credits and its path is hard to follow. Here’s what I ascertained in this wasted 90 minutes. Several morons, like myself, rented this film, hoping to see veteran actor, Malcolm Mcdowell (here he is with ME), add some fun to a cheesy, low-rent horror movie. While McDowell could even make a ‘Big Bang Theory’ script sound engaging, his limited screen time can’t undo the other 89 minutes of run time.

The film begins in with a ‘Halloween‘ meets ‘Scream’ vibe that nitpickers like myself could argue was more of a ripoff than an homage. The lovely, Kaylie (Brooke Ann Smith) is babysitting the night before Halloween. Unlikable from her first appearance, Kaylie sucks, and maybe that’s the point, but it’s hard to overlook her behavior. She helps herself to RX pills out of the medicine cabinet, and even tells the baby to “shut the fuck up”; great kid to have around your baby.

Local kids are welcoming the perks of Samhain’s arrival. Houses and people are egged, windows soaped, jack-o-lanterns wrecked – it’s too bad Sam from the delightful film, ‘Trick r Treat’, didn’t show up; his little hands would be full. Kaylie easily handles her trio of tween pranksters, smirking from her clever tactics, but her relief dissipates quickly. A cliche person in a mask and dark clothing makes his presence known. Weaving in and out of the shadows in typical horror fashion, the masked person meets Kaylie face to face, and that’s when things become nearly un-watchable. Poorly paced to a fault, I couldn’t tell where the second act stated or stopped/

Common sense and reality are mourned quickly, leaving the flimsy crux of this terrible story to entertain us. The masked killer sneaks in, makes a weak attempt to kill Kaylie, she defends herself, and the poorest, least interesting game of horror cat and mouse takes place. Dialogue is everything, and this takes the cake. The film flip-flops several times, making motive or impetus practically nonexistent. The killer makes a few more flaccid attempts to kill Kaylie, and before you know it, Kaylie is having sex with her would be attacker. Terrible.

If you like ghetto practical effects, ham-fisted acting, cliché settings, and a preposterous script, then this is your flick, I assume any of the 400 other movies of the same name are light years ahead of this one. Save your rime and fury.


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