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Devil Music of the Day: Misery Index ‘The Calling’ & ‘The Killing Gods’


Once again, I missed the boat on Misery Index all these years. Now that I have a copy of their newest album, The Killing Gods, I plan on blasting this enough to make up for lost time. My approach to metal is the same as many other metalheads. If I hear a band and they instantly blow me away, chances are, that band will get my cash and my time. You shouldn’t have to listen to an album 20 times before you “get it”. While there are several bands I didn’t “get” right away, they were insanely articulated bands like King Crimson and Frank Zappa.

Misery Index are an AMAZING death metal / deathgrind band from Maryland. They have five full-length albums available, which further embarrasses me. Hell, better late than never, huh? These guys are my current metal obsession, and a careful listen of The Killing Gods will have a similar effect on you.

Get to listening!


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