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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday: Metal Matt Takes over! ‘Scream or Clean?’ Edition


What’s up everybody, Metal Matt back again for my second official EMF. This time I’m going to do something a little different. This week we have a theme/list of my top 5 metal vocalists that can sing you to sleep and scream you back from the dead. So I guess if you hate themes or lists you are just screwed because we’ve got both in one today. And remember to send all hate mail directly to Fister. \m/

5. Howard Jones

Starting this list off with Howard kind of a stretch, he has a great way of blending both screaming and singing in 90% of his songs with his numerous bands. But these two I feel show both off well.

Not bad for a song used for WWE’s CM Punk’s intro music. This chorus always sticks with me for about a week.


4. Mikael Akerfeldt

I really don’t have to say much about Mikael, Fister has said all that needs to be said about him, so enjoy.


3. Matt Heafy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge Trivium fan and I feel that Matt can do no wrong. Granted, he takes a lot of vocal advice from vocalists that don’t really have the same range as him, but damn this dude is one hell of a songwriter.

You can’t tell me the clean section of this song is anything but beautiful.


2. Spencer Sotelo

I’ve lost count on how many vocal covers I’ve watched for this song since I first heard it, and no one can hit this dudes range. Keep in mind that the album that this track is on Spencer didn’t use any vocal automation. Just let that sink in for a minute…

This is another one that I cannot get out of my head after listening. Not just for Spencer’s ridiculous range but the sheer talent that is in this band.


1. Corey Taylor

I just don’t understand how someone can put this much strain on their voice and then perform the next night like it’s nothing.

Finally, this song has given my friends and I quite a few fun late night cell phone recording sessions.


Well there it is I hope you enjoy, keep it brutal guys! \m/



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