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Vote for ‘Beacon Point’ at Indiewire’s ‘Project of the Week’!


You guys might remember me mentioning a potentially bad ass Kickstarter film called Beacon Point. Drawing on the lost-in-the-woods vibe, the film meets a chilling Native American presence, and things, presumably, don’t end well. This hugely successful Kickstarter campaign has extended its goal to $30,000 in hopes of adding a new, spooky scene to the film. The filmmakers would love to get some beautiful pickup shots in the Great Smoky Mountains, which could add a lot of natural texture to Beacon Point. Firstly, if you’re interested in contributing any amount to the fund, check out the info here.

Secondly, Beacon Point has the great honor of grabbing a spot in Indiewire’s Project of the Week. Even if you can’t help with the Kickstarter portion of the film, you can certainly help these folks out by heading over to to VOTE!

Check out the trailer and vote!




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