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Southern Tier ‘Mokah’ Craft Beer Review

working krampus bottle

Brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company


Style: American Double/Imperial Stout

11.20% ABV

Serve at 48-52°

Availability: Rotating

Enjoyed from a snifter glass

A: Pours a pitch black color with two fingers of frothy espresso-colored head. Dissipates to a thin ring on the way down.

S: Chocolate and coffee as expected. A very rich milk chocolate./cocoa note takes front and center. Vanilla, oak, marshmallow, and caramel combine for a wonderful aroma.

T: Sweet milk chocolate, powdered cocoa, and espresso takes over on the front end. Wonderfully boozy. Roasted black malts, a bit of spiciness, and the most subtle hop notes chime in towards the end. I love the faint cinnamon and spicy flavors that you can easily miss if you aren’t paying attention. This beer is out of this world.

M: Medium to heavy mouthfeel; coats the tongue. Creamy, soft, sugary, very rich.

O: Southern Tier have rapidly climbed into my top breweries list. Brews like this overwhelmingly tasty chocolate bomb stand out among the boring selections at most stores. The most impressive part of this beer is the complex flavor palate. I hate overpowering acidic coffee notes, and Mokah avoids the trap like the pros should. This is all over Lexington at the moment – I urge you to get a few of these stashed in the fridge or cellar. Outstanding beer.

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