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‘True Blood’ is Back to Suck One More Season…and Here’s the Official Promo


Remember when True Blood was cool? I wish I could it say it wasn’t that long ago, but unfortunately, season one was the only “cool” season. I loved getting ready to watch every Sunday night in the summer. The opening credit and companion song primed the pump for the lazy heat of Bon Temps, Louisiana, and all the cool characters sure to follow. Things were pretty simple back then. Maybe “simple” is a bit off, but you could easily pick the humans out of any lineup. Not every fifth tier character was a werewolf, Voodoo Queen, Bullgod, mind reader, or frogman.

That didn’t last long.

Now, the show serves one purpose – to prove every resident of Louisiana is either a monster or having sex with one, or both. So, with that said, let’s get our tramp stamp stencils out and excitedly await this series to end. HBO was nice enough to drop the full fairy-feuding, monster screwing, soft core porn trailer in our laps. Check out the beginning of the end, kids. The show returns for one more season on June 22 only on HBO. I have no idea what this season is about, and really, who cares.

Remember there is still one thing right with True Blood…


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