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New Rob Zombie Film ’31’ Taps into Samhain!

If a Rob Zombie miniseries about the Manson Family wasn’t enough, the man behind The Devil’s Rejects is stepping back into the horror spotlight with a new film called “31”.

Yes. That refers to Halloween. My heart is smiling.

Zombie called the new film “for the hardcore fans who want it nasty and brutal.” in an email to the good folks at Bloody Disgusting

I pray the upcoming bloodbath is a new offering and not a gore-filled remake of Halloween III. I love Season of the Witch just the way it is. Check out the teaser posted on the official RZ website. Any feelings on that creepy mask? Comment away.

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3 Comments on New Rob Zombie Film ’31’ Taps into Samhain!

  1. Sid Haig would be a better muse.

  2. Plus, he got all whiny after the release of LOS and said he wasn’t directing anymore. Wonder how long this sat on the shelf.

  3. Apparently his hockey film was shelved when this came to life. Fingers crossed.

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