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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday! 5.9.14


Another week under our belts; I hope it was a good one for y’all. Things are great (and busy) over here at Left Hand Horror. How could it not with all the new metal already out, not to mention everything on the horizon. I’ve played the hell out of the new Killer Be Killed, Devil You Know, Ringworm, and Bloody Hammers this week. So, in anticipation, here’s some new metal, and other stuff to even it out. Enjoy!

Please welcome new Suicide Silence vocalist, Eddie Hermida, to the band! Mitch was a hard guy to replace, and Eddie knew that going in. He has incredible drive and passion; this is how SS should sound now! Here’s the new lyric video!

Killer Be Killed released I.E.D. just in time to go critical mass before their debut album drops May 13th. I’m lucky enough to have an advanced copy, and you can read the track-by-track review here.

Devil You Know, featuring the imposing Howard Jones (former Killswitch Engage), hit the last week of April and I haven’t stopped listening. This is true drag yourself to work music.

RIngworm is new to me, and hopefully catching your ear while you’re here.

From the foggy hollows of Transylvania, North Carolina, Gothic-doom-fuzz unit, Bloody Hammers is in heavy iPod rotation. Their new album “The Town That Dreaded Sunset” is out June 10th.

June 24th is never going to get here at this rate. Mastodon, one of my favorite metal bands, will release “Once More Round the Sun” 6/24. This is the longest wait ever. Unless you throw Opeth into the mix. Dammit. Metal anxiety.

Opeth’s new album, “Pale Communion” was just pushed back to August 26th. The insanely anticipated album was given a June 17th release initially. Ugh. I’ll whine about this all summer. Sadly, no new Opeth to post for you, so enjoy a classic.

That’s it for my metal news, just enjoy the rest of the videos!

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