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‘Way of the Wicked’ Movie Review


I’m not sure if the people behind Way of the Wicked planned for this to be an instant B movie, but it happened just the same. The DVD and poster art would have you believe veteran actor, Christian Slater plays a large role in the movie, but besides his appearance in the opening scenes, Slater was mostly relegated to the third act. He’s good as Father Henry, a priest with a long-standing interest in the now teenage Robbie Mueller (Jake Croker). Mueller was involved in an incident with another child, the kind where one of them busts out some latent Demonic power and breaks it off in the other kid. Even though Robbie never physically touched the other kid, some fault was found, and that resulted in Robbie leaving town for a few years. Like in most horror films, the former resident has moved back to the sleepy little town and old behaviors are hard to resist.

Meet Heather (Emily Tennant), the girl of young Robbie’s dreams. He runs into her almost immediately, sporting his black leather jacket and chip-on-his-shoulder attitude, and teenage sparks fly. It doesn’t take Robbie long to meet the local jock who also has a crush on Emily, and the testosterone flows. Bad things happen to the jock, and this gains Robbie the attention of Emily’s Dad, the town Sheriff, portrayed by Vinnie Jones (X-Men: The Last Stand). Funny how every girl in a horror movie has a 75% chance of being the daughter of local law enforcement isn’t it?

While Way of the Wicked has an interesting plot, but the execution was off in one form or another throughout the entire feature. Slater and Jones more than dwarf the rest of the cast when it comes to acting, making for a rather imbalanced amount of dialogue in the last two acts. This won’t show up on anyone’s Best of list, but this B movie presentation is entertaining in its own right. Way of the Wicked is available on Blu-ray and DVD May 20th.

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