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‘All Cheerleaders Die’ Movie is Shocking Sexy Fun!


All Cheerleader Die is the result of filmmakers, Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, remaking their own low/no-budget horror film of the same name. Although I haven’t seen the original, I can only assume this version is smarter and even more out of the box. Fans of off kilter horror films will undoubtedly draw comparison to everything from Buffy the Vampire, Slayer, Idle Hands, and even the weirdly awesome Megan Fox yarn, Jennifer’s Body. Some parts of high school will always be relevant; jealousy, betrayal, geek versus jock mentality, and …witchcraft?

Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) an outsider in the realm of “plastics” becomes the unlikely catalyst to unite a group of catty cheerleaders against a group of football players with a flair for misogyny. There’s a lot of hair gel, letter jackets, and pom poms to keep track of, and that, if anything, becomes a bit much to keep track of in the middle of this underclassmen TNA parade. After a the death of a Regina George-type, a spot on the local cheer team becomes available, and Maddy is quick to tip the scales in her favor. Once she’s in, the plans unfold rapidly.

All Cheerleaders Die is a bloodbath for certain, relying on traditional effects as well as CG to paint the school bus red. Despite the obvious revenge setup, this film surprised me in nice ways. While the cast isn’t equally skilled in acting, the overall vibe and themes are very enjoyable. Just when you think you have this figured out, the film does a 180 and comes at you from an unexpected angle. Revenge is still the name of the game, just in a very out-of-the-box manner. Sure, there’s plenty of bikini shots and unrequited love to go around, but there is no obvious Ghostface that wears their horror revenge card on its sleeve. What comes next is laughable and altogether entertaining in new ways. I won’t go as far as saying this is groundbreaking because it isn’t. I found Jennifer’s Body to be more effective based on the minimal high school characters to keep track of.

Fans of quirky horror films will probably enjoy All Cheerleaders Die, I certainly did. Being surprised was half the fun. The film is fast-paced and changes its tone on a whim, something that could have worked against the film if not for the clever presentation. All Cheerleaders Die hits all VOD platforms on May 8th. Boone’s Farm, Ecstasy, and condoms are up to you.



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