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‘Beacon Point’ Trailer Taps into Classic Horror Fears


The classic lost-in-the-woods setting is a sure thing in the hands of a skillful cast and director. Beacon Point looks to be headed in the right direction. Throw in an ancient Native American legend and wait for the blood to pool. Here’s the trailer and information from the press release on how you can be a part of the Kickstarter campaign.

ATLANTA – May 5, 2014– Award winning Georgia filmmaker, Eric Blue, has decided to turn to Kickstarter to raise additional funding on his new independent feature-length, horror movie, Beacon Point. With the movie already shot and edited, Blue and his production company, BlueLantern Films, want to raise additional funds to complete the final stages of their movie. So they decided to pursue the strategy of crowdfunding through Kickstarter.  Throughout the 30 day campaign that will be launched on May 5th Blue and his comrades at BlueLantern Films hope to raise $20,000 for post production necessities like color correction, visual FX, audio work and marketing. The goal is to complete the movie, and release it to the world.  In keeping with the guidelines on the Kickstarter, if they don’t reach their goal, they don’t get their funding.

Blue and his co-writer Traci Carroll set out to write a screenplay that breaks through the usual horror clichés, and gives a fresh perspective on the typical scary woods story.   Beacon Point tells the tale of five strangers trekking through the remote and austere Great Smoky Mountains when they stumble across a long forgotten Native American legend. The group fights to stay alive long enough to get back to civilization, and safety. Filmed on location in Georgia and North Carolina,Beacon Point is already building a strong fan base through an active social media presence.

Reaching out to the horror audience is really what the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon Point is all about.  Excited at the potential of appealing directly to fans, Blue enthused, “I love the concept of crowdfunding. It’s about building fans and getting the support of those fans to complete your project. I believe if you have a great movie, like we do, the fans will want to support it. It’s fun, like being part of a winning team.”

If the film is successfully funded, Blue hopes to complete Beacon Point in the Summer of 2014.  For more information on Beacon Point, visit or follow them at

To view the trailer  please visit


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