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‘Seconds Apart’ Movie is Several Seconds Too Long

Seconds Apart is a huge embarrassment to the After Dark Original series. The film tells the story of identical twins, Gary and Edmund Entin, two smart kids born with exceptional mental powers. Not content to be intelligent or superior, they use their powers to kill their fellow students. They simply need to clasp hands to produce a high school drinking party where local jocks feel “compelled” to play a pickup game of Russian Roulette. The weird pair does everything together, including sleeping facing each other in the same bed. Orlando Jones starts as the Detective determined to get to the bottom of the killings, and he, of course, focuses on the twins bizarre behavior. Why the twins entertain his snooping is beyond me. I guess they needed fodder to stretch this 89 minutes a full three acts.

This film has a watered down, uninspiring narrative that will test the patience of the most dedicated horror fans. My finger hovered over my remote’s STOP button more than once. Plagued by shitty acting, shittier storytelling, and boring performances, there is nothing about Seconds Apart I can get behind. Another film about killer kids with a detective on their heels, and another film I’ll immediately forget.

I’ve wasted too many seconds describing this Louisianan film that can’t even get their own state right. I’m sure the locals hate this even worse than me. If you want to sit through three acts of trite horror-making, feel free. I’m forgetting I ever saw this. I’m mad at Netflix for suggesting this and even more pissed at myself for watching. My street cred hit an all time low.






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