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Fister Interview: Talking Outback Murder with ‘Wolf Creek 2’ Star, John Jarratt


If you’re familiar with the Wolf Creek franchise, you already know Mick Taylor. Mick is Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Fred Krueger crammed into one body and lurking invisibly inside the Australian Outback. Unstoppable, demented, and single of purpose; Mick Taylor is every backpacker’s nightmare. John Jarratt is the man behind Mick, an accomplished television and film actor working since the early 70s. I recently reviewed Wolf Creek 2 and I’m thrilled to bring you a short interview John took part in.

Despite his cordial nature, I’m still partly scared of him and I can’t help but hear Mick’s voice answering these questions.

Fister: What makes a character like Mick Taylor so much fun to portray? Have you scared yourself in the process of bringing a guy like this to life?

John: The character of Mick is an impersonation of another hardassed outback legend, my father. My father was a hard workin, hard drinkin, funny tough mother fucker. So all I had to do was add “evil” and “ psychopath” and you’ve got Mick Taylor. Yeah, sometimes overwhelmed my self, not scared. Had a ton of fun, my Dad is a great character to impersonate and I do it quite well.

Fister: My Australian knowledge is limited to the stereotypical view of Kangaroos and Fosters. How was it filming on location?

John: Pretty much how it looks. Hot, Dry, big. Lonely and awesome. Yeah, plenty of cold beer (it’s hot), plenty of animals and too many backpackers.

Fister: Please tell me the entire Kangaroo/truck scene was CG. I’m a huge animal fan and that scene was hard to watch. Was there anything you found unusually challenging during Wolf Creek 2?

John: Animal loving woosbags getting gooey about kangaroos is unusually challenging. Yeah, it was CGI. There’s a lot of roos in Oz, I ran into 7 of them once. Fucked them up and fucked the car.

Fister: Website requirement, John, what’s your all-time favorite horror film?

John: I don’t like horror films, they don’t scare me. I think The Exorcist was one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. But if I had to choose, Psycho.

Fister: The beginning of the film mentions the large amount of people who go missing in the Outback every year. Do you think a real-life Mick is out there?

John: Yeah, I reckon at least one in every outback town.

Fister: You’re a natural at horror, John, do you have any other horror films releasing in the future?

John: I made one in Portland. I played a nerdy, creepy, American serial killer. It’s called Shiver.

Fister: Mick Taylor is a terrifying character. Few horror film characters can match his love of the kill. What do you think separates Mick from other killers?

John: He’s a professional hunter and he’s very good at it, always gets his prey. He’s tough, he never runs, rarely yells, you can’t hurt him, you can’t get away from him and you’ll never beat him. And he’s funny.

Wolf Creek 2 hits VOD April 17 and better yet, theaters May 16.

WolfCreek2_John Jarratt as Mick Taylor 10(1)

WolfCreek2_John Jarratt as Mick Taylor_ in the lair tunnels 2


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