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‘Holliston’ Season 2 Review: Hobgoblins, Pain Pills, The Blair Witch & Dave Brockie

Holliston and me started out on bad terms. It took a few episodes for Adam Green and Joe Lynch to convince me this was going to be a real show, and once it did, it’s one of the funnest shows to re-watch. The premise of FearNet’s original series, Holliston, is simple. Green and Lynch star as two horror geeks that run a late night horror movie show on local cable called “The Movie Crypt”. The premise does all the heavy lifting as the episodes are bursting with inside horror jokes only horror lovers will appreciate or even recognize. This is a horror geek show from horror geeks FOR horror geeks.

Dee Snider stars as Lance Rockett, the duo’s boss and believable metal-aficionado. Notably missing, will be GWAR front man, Dave Brockie, who portrayed Oderus Urungus, Green’s imaginary friend and confidante for the first two seasons. Brockie died earlier this month in his home. Dave was way too young at 50 years old. Missing Brockie definitely adds a certain poignancy to the season that most fans will find palpable. Rounding out the season’s regulars are Corri English and Laura Ortiz as the girlfriends. Holliston‘s cast brought some of its best collective moments in season two, showing the growth of everyone involved.

Season two’s guest star list is awesome. Expect to see Danielle Harris (and her Lortab finagling skills), hospitalized Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, even David Naughton makes an appearance.

If you’re not watching Holliston and you’re a big horror fan, you’ll love the series with all its subtle horror love. You’ll see everything from Carebear Cthulhu t-shirts to horror movie stars lampooning their own material. Everything in Holliston is done with such genuine love and passion because the creators are fans first.

Holliston Season Two is available on Blu Ray Tuesday, April 8. It features all ten episodes, commentary, bloopers, music videos and table reads; it’s a must for any fan. I think Kane Hodder even has a boner in one of the outtakes.



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