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‘Doc of the Dead’ Movie Review: Are All Zombie Films About Sex?


Many have noted over the years, myself included, that zombies got the shaft when it comes to definitive mythology. Other horror creatures have a firm place in the monster universe, each offering a solid origin story, even with so many variations on a theme. Doc of the Dead looks at the big zombie picture, exploring the culture, the films, television shows, comics, and progressing mythology allowing so many unique takes on the zombie genre. Should zombies shamble or run, have roots in Voodoo or CDC infections gone horribly wrong? Doc of the Dead looks at the fist primal, silent films and everything up to today’s wildly successful The Walking Dead series.

Usually given credit for the entire zombie genre, George A. Romero is examined and interviewed as the Godfather of zombies after releasing the ultimate zombie flick, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead . Others cite the 1954 classic, White Zombie, as the catalyst. Regardless of your opinion, many classic zombie films are mentioned; the classics, the mainstream, the iconic, and the influential, but lesser known attempts.

Interviewed fans seem to have the same universal reason for loving zombie flicks, that being they’re both terrifying and fun. People are passionate about zombie culture, choosing undead-themed weddings, parties, and just about anything in-between. Whether zombies are representations of our sexuality or not, I’ll let you decide.

Mmmmm, zombie Alison Brie.


Here’s zombie icon, Ken Foree, trying to convince you I’m a good time.


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