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Three Floyds ‘Man O Awe’ Craft Beer Review


Brewed by Three Floyds


Style: American Pale Ale

6.00% ABV

Serve at 45-48°

Availability: Limited

Enjoyed from a tulip glass


This pale ale, as its namesake, will inspire awe. Brewed exclusively with hops grown in Michigan. Pay homage to the Man-O-Awe with this beer lest you meet him in person.

A: Pours a vivid orange-copper color with two fingers of off-white foam atop. Sediment is visible and produces nice scattered lacing.

S: Tropical fruits, piney hops, and a dominate roasted caramel malt backbone. Citrus notes, earthy hops, grapefruit rind, grassy. Very Three Floyds in character.

T: Tropical fruits, subtle candied fruits, apricot, pine, earthy hops, melon with a great bready skeleton for the flavors to stick to.

M: Medium to light-bodied. Dry on the tongue.

O: This isn’t Three Floyds most impressive pale ale, but those insane Michigan hops add a depth of character not present in the bulk of pale ales. Very nice. Worth a second bomber.

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