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Devil Music of the Day: Opeth ‘Häxprocess’

I’m justifiably excited for Killer Be Killed’s debut album. I mean, really excited. I’m even more thrilled to get a new Opeth album this summer. The thought of blasting it in my car all summer has me giddy. I’m in love with Heritage, the band’s most polarizing record to date. Heritage doesn’t have a single song featuring Mikael Åkerfeldt’s guttural growling vocals. That was hard to take for a lot of fans. I understand it, but I don’t. Opeth are easily one of the most skilled and engaging metal bands ever; let them explore new musical landscapes if they wish to do so. Heritage is fucking amazing in my opinion and it’s vastly underrated.

Opeth’s romanticized Gothic themes blend perfectly with the constantly shifting progression of Haxprocess. Beginning with a single piano note, the intro gives way to a dreamy plane composed of ethereal vocals and ambient melodies. The song morphs and evolves the entire 7 minutes, showcasing Opeth at their very best, clean, concise, and thundering. Enjoy the music and get ready for some preemptive Opeth-a-thon action.

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