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[films] ‘Wolf Creek 2’ Movie Review


There’s nothing more terrifying than being relentlessly pursued in a foreign land. Wolf Creek 2 reinforces that terror a thousandfold with the return of Aussie xenophobe/serial killer, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). Taylor patrols the countryside for isolated tourists to terrorize in a demented game of cat and mouse. I say “demented” to warn you this is no ordinary horror film. Wolf Creek 2 is a stripped down tale of ultra-violence and hate. You won’t find cliché twists or less than subtle themes to unravel; the bleak tale keeps it simple and uncluttered, and the result is riveting. I feel a warning is in order. The squeamish will balk at the grisly, teeth-grinding violence scattered throughout the film.

We’re introduced to protagonist, Paul (Ryan Corr) after he stumbles upon a pair of Mick’s victims. It doesn’t take long for Paul to become the killer’s sole focus. The young Englishman defends himself vigorously, traveling across the merciless terrain until he enters Mick’s bloody sanctuary.

Both Corr and Jarratt are great in the roles, each adding a depth of character I didn’t expect. Jarratt stands out as the aging killer. The rugged Mick Taylor is a polarizing horror villain and Jarratt portrayed the fiend with ease. His stellar performance drove the film and kept me glued to my television. Writer/director, Greg Mclean, does a wonderful job of capturing the terror of the chase, giving the land a character and presence of its own. This is ultimately better than the first Wolf Creek. It was hard to watch at times, but a great horror flick should cause some uneasiness.

Wolf Creek 2 is hits VOD April 17, 2014 via RLJ/Image Entertainment. The film is in theaters on May 16, 2014.


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