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‘The Flowers of Fantastico’ Episode 5 Review: Tara goes to the stage door for “Anne Frank Visits Japan”


Continually lovelorn Tara confronts Bette Jensen and sparks fly…sexy sparks!

Billy is left in awkward phone hold limbo!

Red catsuits for everyone!

Tara rushes to the stage door with blackmail on her mind and confronts Bette in person. The charming Jensen woos the attention-starved Tara and the two go out for drinks, and eventually back to Bette’s swank apartment. These are the crazy plots twists we’ve come to expect from The Flowers of Fantastico.

Episode 5 shed light on the budding relationship between Bette and Tara. I wish I could say I was surprised when Bette put the mack on Tara, but this is the master of VAGINA EXPLOSION we’re talking about. The funniest part of this webisode is watching Tara try to sort out her flood of lesbian feelings. It looks like she’s in experience hands in the meantime. Bette is indeed to rich and hot to worry about gender.

Where will episode 6 find Tara? How will the purpley mystery, Isadora, fare? Keep watching and find out! Indigo Girls for everyone!

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