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Darkentries New LP “The Make Believe” Available March 25


2014 is turning into a great year for metal. The newest release contributing to this great run is South Carolina’s sludge-doom metal band, Darkentries. Their new LP “The Make Believe” is available on March 25, 2014 and already has a generous amount of buzz preceding it. On a personal level, I’ve been blasting the hell out of this on my weekday commute, and the song Honeyeater will probably serve as fuel in my eventual road rage meltdown.

Tapping into the slower heavy riffs that personify doom metal, Darkentries have added a new component to their unique post-sludge sound. The trippy ambient feel is the perfect layer for the syncopated riffs and screeching vocals that accompanies their doom and sludge influence. Buried beneath chugging bass and ringing chords, slow beats and modulated effects add an old school drug metal feel. Their first LP is a sonic masterpiece and I urge you to give Darkentries a listen.

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Retro Futurist

Since the summer of 2012, DARKENTRIES has been building a foundation in Columbia, South Carolina, playing house shows and producing several home recordings. With five years of friendship and multiple musical pursuits behind them, this five-piece, post-sludge outfit finally settled into a sound together. In the winter following their formation, DARKENTRIES released a four-song demo along with two self-recorded singles shortly thereafter. Through these releases, the group has taken their initial intent of raw, relentless sludge and fused it with unsettling chaos and vehement ambience creating a deafening wall of sound. Drawing influence from elements found in sludge metal, doom metal and post-rock, DARKENTRIES strives forward in an attempt at an experimental, post-genre take on modern heavy music. After months of living in the same house together and writing through sleepless nights, the band’s record finally came to fruition. “The Make Believe” was recorded with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business and was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Sonic Engineering .

Jonathan Warf – Guitar
Roger Caughman – Guitar
Bradford Marino – Bass
Hampton Dodd – Vocals
Josh Gilley – Drums

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