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‘The Lodge’ Movie Review


This is one of the worst films I’ve seen in recent weeks. The Lodge is terrible on practically every level. Two twentysomethings (Elizabeth Kell, Owen Szabo) book an entire lodge in the mountains for a romantic getaway. Their stay is exactly what you would expect for such generic fare; sex, drugs, an abysmal sense of self-awareness. When the young couple arrives, they discover they’re not alone. With textbook timing, Henry (Kevin McClatchy), the lodge owner enters with a blood-covered apron. Shock gives way to relief when Henry’s horrific appearance is easily explained by venison preparation. I guess there’s nothing to do but relax and let defenses down. What follows is ridiculous even for low rent horror.

The Lodge presents itself as a suspense film, and odd choice for a film that doesn’t contain a second’s worth of suspense. A low-budget doesn’t have to be an excuse for inferior acting, directing, or cinematography, but all involved take full advantage. If you’re wondering why I watched this, it’s because I feel like I need to take full advantage of my Amazon Prime before the renewal rises to $99/year. If you see this as you’re scrolling through your options, please keep going.

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