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Devil Music of the Day: Red Fang “No Hope” The Most METAL Video EVER! Warning Satanic Content NC-17


We don’t go for crazy backdoor shenanigans over here at Left Hand Horror. We like our horror horrible and our metal FUCKING METAL! Metal is, and shall ever be, about Satan, violence, rape, and hilarious stories from the road. NO EXCEPTIONS. Red Fang keep that tradition alive, ensuring stereotypes will forever be intact.

In the new video for No Hope, we see the band in their none-more-black tour bus, preparing for another epic small town rape in…where was that again? Oh, Texas, duh. Anyway, after running a brutal train on this girl, flashing devil horns the whole time, the band then sacrifices her to Satan. Their tour bus driver, Jerry, doesn’t like where Red Fang’s tastes are heading, so they, of course, decapitate him for Satan the glory of Satan as well.

It’s this strict adherence to metal tropes that makes this the most metal video ever. I’m talking more evil than Buckcherry AND Godsmack combined. Wrap your head around that. The band’s album, Whales and Leeches is available via Relapse Records and I heard instead of vinyl, the record is forged out of sick children’s tears and bone marrow stolen from Sharon Tate’s grave. How’s that for metal?

Are you ready for this? Fister Roboto takes no responsibility for what you’re about to view. By clicking on the video, you accept any and all consequences. YOU WERE WARNED!

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