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‘The Flowers of Fantastico’ Episode 3: “Billi Stardust” Review


Tara, Gary, and Billi do some research on the credits in The Flowers of Fantastico, at the same time a mysterious figure makes an unsettling discovery.

Gary’s boyfriend, Billi, learns a thing or two about pirouette-related VAGINA EXPLOSIONS while the gang continues their obsession with The Flowers of Fantastico. Tara and Gary dig deeper into the, ahem, ever-widening Bette Jensen mystery and aren’t pleased with the results. Could “Queen Sex Vixen” actually be someone other than the now infamous Jensen?

We learned some adorable things about Tara this week. Her ex, Mikey, wrote a Neo-Nazi musical for her called “The Littlest Nazi“. I was shocked to learn things didn’t end well. Vagina jokes notwithstanding, the episode ended on a serious note. Our purple-eyed mystery blonde received a glaring message from The Catholic Church, potentially inching Flowers closer to some action not related to Bette Jensen’s pussy.

Each new episode of Rachel Kerry’s clever and ridiculously self-indulgent web series provides new laughs, usually at Tara’s expense, while pushing the threat of an impending battle closer. If you haven’t cozied up with this super gay horror web series, you should start now. You’ll sound like a poseur if you wait longer. I guess if you can live knowing every Twink on GrindR thinks you suck, I can as well.

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