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‘Foxes’ Short Film Review


Directed by Lorcan Finnegan

Written by Garret Shanley

Starring: Marie Ruane, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Karen Griffin

A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world; a world of the paranormal or perhaps insanity.

No one will ever accuse this short of being crazy like a fox. While the direction and cinematography have a decidedly formal look, the story lacks charm and failed to engage me. Before you ask if I’m being harsh or “What did you expect in 16 minutes?” I expected a compelling reason to watch, regardless of the running time. If you’re familiar with shorts like Familiar or Witchfinder, you know it’s wholly possible to harness the creativity and skill of feature-length films in 20 minutes or less.

In Foxes, a married couple must deal with being the first tenants of a large housing addition. Their marriage is clearly in trouble, and now they face isolation in the sprawling, uninhabited neighborhood. The plot is paper-thin and revolves around the wife noticing foxes appearing around the house in growing numbers. She becomes curious and begins photographing the wild creatures. I won’t spoil anything for you, but there really isn’t much left to tell. You can draw your own conclusion (you don’t have a choice), but regardless of my imagination, Foxes is flat in almost every area. Even at 16 minutes, I can’t recommend this as there’s nothing to it in my opinion. Foxes is mediocre at best, so watch on Amazon Prime at your own risk.

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