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‘The Flowers of Fantastico’ Episode 2 “Inside a Vending Machine” Review


“Cinnamon..bun..mmm, fiuffernutter..”

Still glued to the mysterious VHS tape, Tara a Billy tilt their collective heads like dogs attempting to understand Kanye as each tantalizing treat is named. It sounds like Bette Jensen is ass up again. “Feel Your Ladies Fist?” These are amazing musical numbers!” It’s lines like this that make The Flowers of Fantastico such on oddly erotic endearing web series. If you read my last review, you know I love everything about The Flowers of Fantastico.

Tara’s never-ending relationship trauma causes a curious mixture of closure and arbitrary violence. For every returned hot plate, one vending machine must face the drop kicking fury of a women scorned. She does find some comfort in calling in sick which leaves a full day of porn musical viewing. Tara doesn’t know it yet, but the mysterious woman with the glowing purple eyes knows the tape is close. Tune in for episode three and all its purple-y porn goodness. Don’t forget, we’ll be interviewing the series creator, Rachel Kerry, and asking her to explain herself.

If you take away one thing from this episode, let it be “VAGINA EXPLOSION!”  

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