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[Interview] Fister Talks Metal, Horror, & Necrophilia with Deathless Legacy


Horror and music make great bedfellows, and Italian horror-metal gods, Deathless Legacy, prove that with their new album “Rise from the Grave”. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to contact Deathless Legacy. I knew the price and I was prepared to pay it; I hoped I was.

David-Icke-Satanic-Rituals-VideoI arose just before 3AM and prepared my ritual chamber. I lit dozens of black candles to illuminate the room; placing a single white candle to mark the Left Hand Path. My assistant prepared the incense and Baphomet while I calibrated the dials and keypads. I bowed my head and uttered a singular prayer of compassion to the old gods. We stepped inside the pentagram and dropped our robs to the floor. My beautiful nude ritual assistant knelt before me and offered the dagger. Calling out the powers of the respective cardinal points, I lingered to the west, to the left, and requested fellowship with Deathless Legacy. I brought the chalice to my lips and sipped the psychoactive libation. I passed the silver chalice to my assistant, then immediately collapsed. I woke up to the sound of mocking laughter, I knew the overwhelming presence well, I was granted audience with The Red Witch. Before I could speak, the remaining members stepped out of the unnatural darkness.

Fister: I’ve done a lot of band interviews, but this is my first requiring a 1000 year old Satanic ritual. You have a love of horror themes in your lyrics and visual elements of the band. What horror inspires Deathless Legacy?

DL: We are all born loving horror movies like Fulci, Bava and Romero. Growing up we started to discover the giant world of horror literature (Lovecraft, Poe, Hoffmann, etc..) and horror-sexy comics. In Italy we had in the 70’s “Zora La Vampira”, “Terror”, “Oltretomba” and we love to read those stories to give birth to themes and lyrics so horrific! And last, but not least, music: we love King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Death SS and Ghost BC, they all have inspired us somehow!

Fister: Tell us about your new album, “Rise from the Grave”.

DL: “Rise from the Grave” is the redemption of us six undead badass, entombed for centuries by the dumbness of people. That album is something like a spiritual walk through a new born of ourselves and of everyone who face our music: it’s a damned work plenty of horror atmospheres, spiders, serial killers, splatter, blood and many shapes of the Death.

Fister: Did you meet new obstacles that you were forced to overcome?

DL: Yes. Italy. Our Country is wonderful, full of art, history and culture, but nowadays you can’t live thinking about music or art. If you try to live for and with your music, you can hear the laughs of everyone around you, remembering you that music is a passion, not a work or a reason of life.

Well, at least we try to shock our Country spitting blood and talking about Necrophilia!

Fister:  One of the benefits of living in 2014 is the bigger sense of equality; does this make for an easier time as a woman in a metal band? Fans were, uh, less than progressive in the past, regardless of talent.

DL: Since the band was formed we decided to underline the importance of talent and not of beauty, sensuality or whatever. Steva and the Red Witch shock, they don’t arouse with their performances. That doesn’t mean that jerk off doesn’t exist, we hope at least they can catch the talent too.

Fister:  Does anyone in the band have experience with taboo subjects like Necrophilia? A “dead lay” doesn’t count.

DL: We are pretty bad, but we respect everyone and everything: our freedom ends where the one of the others begin. Let’s say we love to go to cemeteries to watch if our birds of a feather are good and ready to… “Rise From the Grave”!

Fister: Hey, no judgement here. What a person and their consenting corpse do is their business. Can you tell us about your touring plans? America is certainly ready for you.

DL: We are planning our tour in Italy and hoping to play in the rest of Europe too. America is the great dream for everyone; we believe one day we will come to bring in America the smell of putrescence too!

We hope to see you soon!

Steva la cinghiala – Vocals and Performances
Frater Orion (The Beast) – Drums and scenographies
El “Calàver” – Guitar
C-AG1318 (The Cyborg) – Bass and vocals
Pater Blaurot – Keyboard
The Red Witch – Performances


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