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Metal Prayers Answered: NEW Mastodon in 2014


I’m not sure when (or why) it became cool to hate on Mastodon, but I see way too many comments here about the band being “boring”, “sloppy”, and “hipster metal”. What the hell is hipster metal? As for Mastodon being boring or sloppy, I’d have to chalk that up to stupidity. If you don’t like this Atlanta sludge-prog metal powerhouse, you’re at the wrong site because Mastodon are everything that’s right with metal in 2014. Dipshittery aside, we have some good news for fans of the band.

This killer news is courtesy of LoudWire.

Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor had this to say about this new “bizarre” album.

“Yeah, I mean, it borrows from everything we have done. I feel like whenever we write a new record or go into the studio, we always pick something from that or find something that we like from the previous albums or songs and then there is the fact that we cant really change who we are as musicians and what we kind of gravitate towards naturally together. So it sounds like us — some super duper heavy stuff. It’s heavier stuff than we’ve done in the last two albums. This one sort of reminds me of, as far as the collection of songs, reminds me a little more of ‘Blood Mountain.’

It has some elements from all the albums in there, but then there’s lots of new stuff that I don’t recognize at all. That’s usually what we are really looking for, you know? There’s more of a surprise for ourselves and for fans. I, sort of, imagine people listening to it and either being absolutely horrified or absolutely loving it. [Laughs] Like, “Oh my god, what is this?!”

Mastodon report they have a title for the new record, but they’re tight-lipped thus far, The band could be done mixing by the end of March and claim a potential release as early as April. SPLOOSH.


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