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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday! Psychic Vampires Edition 2.28.14


I’m no expert on psychic vampires, no wait, I’m a certified fucking expert on the subject. I was well aware of these life-draining assholes before my now infamous Church of Satan stint in the 90s, I just didn’t have a name for these literal wastes of human flesh.

Everyone knows these people, it doesn’t matter what social or economic class you come from. These life suckers often come disguised as friends, possibly the worst kind of psychic vampire. These people are an emotional drain on everyone they know, regardless of how they present themselves. Some are enemies, some are coworkers or even your boss, you accountant, the guy who works on your music gear, your mechanic; this is universal. They’re so miserable, so engulfed in their own bullshit and drama – there’s no way for you to escape their suffocating shroud. Don’t endure it, don’t entertain it, and don’t try to understand it, just get them the FUCK out of your life.

End it today, kids, and enjoy tomorrow.

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