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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday! 2.21.14


Happy Effing Metal Friday, kids. I chose Iron Maiden’s iconic poster boy, Eddie, for today’s main image. I mention him this week because I had a dream about him last night. My Dad took me and some friends to see Maiden on the Powerslave Tour during the summer of 1985 and it was more than my developing mind could handle. Naturally, I’m still a huge Maiden fan and my dreams are still affected thirty years later.

I was waiting in line at my local Guitar Center. I was fourth or fifth in line and recall not feeling rushed. Some kid next to me starts talking about how he doesn’t like the six man Maiden, but prefers the old school five piece. I agreed, mentioning I never really cared for much of their catalog after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. He nodded in agreement. We hear a loud mix of arguing and stomping behind us and spin around. Stupefied, my jaw dropped at the sight of 8′ tall Eddie stomping out of the store. Before he exits, he points at me and exclaims: “Lighten up, asshole!”

So, that’s how my brain works when I’m asleep. I have no idea what it means, and if you have an opinion, shoot for our Dr. Jung of the Week Award. Enjoy.

Here’s one for you, Dusty, you fine hunk of man ass.

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  1. Thanks Nate !

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