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‘+1’ Movie Review


Written & Directed by Dennis Iliadis

Starring: Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, and Ashley Hinshaw

Three college friends hit the biggest party of the year, where a mysterious phenomenon disrupts the night, quickly descending into a chaos that challenges their friendships — and whether they can stay alive.


Doomed by its ambiguity, +1, loses a promising concept in the multiverse of mediocrity. David (Wakefield) and Jill (Hinshaw) are high school lovers discovering the first summer before college is a time of personal growth and change. David makes the spontaneous choice to kiss his girlfriend’s fencing opponent, mostly out of confusion in a case of mistaken identity. Sadly, that version of the events is lost on Jill, who witnesses the act of betrayal. Devastated, David follows her to their friend’s end of summer party in hopes of winning her back.

The party can only be described as a Mötley Crüe-level perversion-fest. Public sex acts, severe intoxication, strippers, a live sushi girl, serving rolls on her naked body; the exact opposite of my pre-college parties. In a moment of unexplained mystery, a meteor lands near the party. A strange electric current surges out of the smoking rock, seeking out the surrounding power lines. When the crackling energy reaches the party, the space-time continuum is disrupted. This initially unknown event created a doppelgänger of every party-goer and shifted them thirty minutes into the past. Some of the more enlightened guests take notice of the shift and must face their multiverse twins.


I’m not sure what the point of the time rift is. The director never indulges us with the reasons, but he does cultivate some powerful performances from the cast, Wakefield in-particular. Metaphorically, you can draw several conclusions from the events. There seems to be a lot of commentary about coming of age in weird post-millennial era, self-perception, personal connection, etc. While the plot is interesting, it fails in its own lack of commitment. Even a vague hint at the reason for the rift would have been enough to keep me thinking. +1 misses the mark in this universe and the next.

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