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‘The Flowers of Fantastico’ Dare You to Find a Better Bisexual Horror Comedy on Valentine’s Day!


Stick around, kids! I’ll be reviewing the hell out of this web series!

Brain Melt Consortium is pleased to announce the world premiere of bisexual romantic horror comedy web series The Flowers of Fantastico.

One fateful evening, freshly heartbroken Tara, her best friend Gary, and his go-go-dancer boyfriend Billi, discover a mysterious VHS tape that harbors a dark secret. Enter supernatural assassins, demon-fighting nuns, magical dance fights, and an eternally young, possibly evil, but definitely gay Hollywood celebrity… who will cast a seductive spell over Tara. Don’t miss The Flowers of Fantastico! It’s truly fantastic…o!

The first five episodes will be released on Feb 14, ready to crush your Valentine’s Day dreams and invade your nightmare. Your dirty, dirty nightmares.

But since we assume everyone else’s patience is as bad as ours, we released a sneak preview, available to watch RIGHT THIS SECOND on YouTube.

“It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Seinfeld” says creator Rachel Kerry, the mastermind behind the series.

Producer Tara Sheffer insists, “The Flowers of Fantastico creates a weird and wonderful genre-fusion never seen before… we need more Bisexual Romantic Horror Comedies! More BiRoHorComs!”

Presented by transmedia production company Brain Melt Consortium, this ambitious new web series brings together a hyper-creative team who are thrilled to release it out into the wild. Starring Victoria Longwell and David Mangiamele, The Flowers of Fantastico is found at:


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