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‘Black Spot’ Short Horror Film Review

Black Spot3d poster image

Luther Bhogal-Jones cordially invites you to experience 6 minutes of roadside terror in his new short, Black Spot. I first learned of Luther a couple of years back when I reviewed his short horror film, Creak. Filmed with a weird little 3D camera the size of a Blackberry, Luther proves size matters not.

Paul is not having a great day. The film opens with Paul alone on a desolate highway. Tired eyes glance at a series of “Missing Person” posters as he walks aimlessly for a way off the country road. With his car in disrepair, he finds there are far worse things for lone men to meet in the middle of nowhere. After finding a car with a bloody woman in the backseat, the traveler struggles to stay alive in the face of terror. Confronted by his own atrocious actions, Paul discovers what comes around, goes around – in spades.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for indie filmmakers and the obstacles they encounter to being us art and entertainment. Luther has a keen eye and I very much enjoy his hands-on directing style. Black Spot’s vibe is a little Night of the Living Dead meets the infamous moors of An American Werewolf in London.  Black Spot showcases many skills for Luther and his cast, featuring a killer score from composer, Mikolaj Holowko. Horror fans will love the bare bones approach and tension-filled editing. Get in your car and DRIVE!

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