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Metallica Ruins The Grammys for Millions of White People & Kanye West


Sounds hard to do, right? I’m as surprised as you. It’s hard to believe this is the same Metallica that lost to Jethro Tull back in the late 80s. Man, I was so pissed back in the day. Regardless of how much Metallica deteriorated over the last 25 years, they were robbed when And Justice for All lost. I’m not one of those people who pick on Metallica unjustly; I learned to play guitar because of Metallica and I’ve pumped thousands of dollars and countless hours into metal as a whole, but man, do they suck in 2014. I mostly mean James-UH, and Lars. Robert rocks and Kirk is too cool to hate on. Dude has his own Kirk Von Hammett Fear Fest-Evil for God’s sake.

Here is last night’s Grammy performance of the once impressive song, One, from the blistering Justice album. They were joined by Lang Lang, a Chinese pianist and apparent Metallica sympathizer. Cool idea, terrible performance from Hetfield, who’s-UH voice-Uh ruins-UH everything-UH.

Enjoy…or not. Probably not. All hate mail should be addressed to METAL MATT NEFF.

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