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Devil Music of the Day: Behemoth “Blow Your Trumpets, Gabriel”


If you like your metal with liberal doses of Satan, “The most misunderstood figure in the world.”, this record is for you. Behemoth release The Satanist on 2/4, just in time for Valentine’s Day, right? You can catch these guys on The Metal Alliance Tour with Goatwhore.

Lifted from

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Nergal discusses ‘The Satanist’ and how the title reflects its music. “The Satanist is a very simple title, but it is also very complex and multi-dimensional,” says Nergal. “On the surface it appears to be very primitive and raw but it is also very meaningful and complex. In a sense, I don’t want or need to explain it because everyone can find their own interpretation. I think the music on The Satanist is enough. In a way, I have no need to talk about it.”

This video is apparently too evil to post correctly, so my apologies if you’re having trouble with youtube.

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