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Interview: Richard Powell & Zach Green Talk “Heir” and Kickstarter


I have a soft spot for the folks at Fatal Pictures. Not only do they offer some of the most intense short horror films the genre has ever seen, but the Fatal Pictures favorite, Robert Nolan, was my very first interview. I’ve followed these folks from film to film, sharing their talents with anyone that will listen. I first found Heir star, Robert Nolan, in a short film called Familiar. Fatally flawed, Nolan’s character externalizes damning behavior in a tense, look-the-other-way climax that feels wholly believable. Maybe too believable. Robert Nolan is a tremendous talent and if you’re not, uh, Familiar with his work, now is a great time to start.

Behind the scenes of Worm, Familiar, and Heir are writer/director, Richard Powell, and producer, Zach Green. This award-winning genre film combo has terrified fans for years and escalates their skill and community presence with each new film. Incorporating community is key when it comes to Kickstarter films. Fans are encouraged to give to film projects that mean something to them and in turn, become part of the path to commercial exposure. Kickstarter is as grassroots as it gets and you’re an important part of the process. Thanks for being part of the community by choosing to visit me. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Richard Powell and Zach Green from Fatal Pictures.

Fister: Everything about Heir sounds completely unsettling. Did the writing
come from a darker place this time, Richard?

Richard: If you mean from a different place, no, but from a deeper, darker vein perhaps, yes.  It’s my job to harness and control that dark inspiration and turn out something palatable and hopefully not indulgent.  I believe in artistic restraint and the Idea that subtle flavors are better. With HEIR the core concept is so dark the real challenge is asking the audience to empathize with the characters and ideas. I think they will, I’ve always lead with deeply flawed characters but this one takes the cake. What’s interesting is this character GORDON is also perhaps the most sympathetic and heroic of all my characters.  With Robert Nolan in the lead I know I’ll find that perfect, morally ambiguous balance.


Fister: Richard, Nolan is truly an amazing talent. Does that make the
writing process any easier?

Richard: I think what having Robert Nolan in your cast does is instill confidence that from a performance stand point at least, you’ve got something solid to bank on. When we first cast him for WORM it was based on a feeling that he could bring the character of Geoffrey Dodd to life. After WORM I knew i had a perfect vessel for my material.  Aside from being unbelievably talented, Robert is also a fearless actor. He continually takes on roles and material other actors are too afraid to touch. Robert understands what we are aiming for with our films and trust’s us as much as we trust him. If you’re going to tackle strong material you need an actor with balls as well as ability.

Fister: I’m already worried about what to expect with Heir. Your last two short films, Worm and Familiar, literally made me cringe. Can we expect to be mentally scarred?

Richard: I can safely say this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever written. From the first scenes the audience will be squirming up until the end and hopefully for hours after as they think about what they just witnessed. Most of horror filmmaking is rooted in a kind of twisted, voyeuristic cathartic fun. That’s not the case with HEIR, it’s a deadly serious morality tale which aims to scar, haunt, infuriate and devastate its audience.  With our amazing team including RED SNEAKERS MEDIA, The Butcher Shop Special FX, and of course, Robert Nolan and Bill Oberst Jr. in the leads, we know we have something special up our selves. I’d encourage any interested film lovers to find our project HEIR-The Final Short from Fatal Pictures on Kickstarter and lend us your support!

Fister: What would you like us to know about Heir that we don’t already? Tell us how the idea of crowd-funding came along.

Zach: HEIR stands to be the most controversial, original and powerful Fatal Pictures film to date. The film has a tremendously hard working and talented cast and crew lined up to deliver an epic piece of cinema. One thing for sure, the film will stay with you long after watching it. As far as crowd funding goes, we will be using Kickstarter, (Richard Powell) and I decided to take to Kickstarter for financial help, we needed help to raise the budget, we don’t have the means to finance the film ourselves. Secondly, I also think Kickstarter is a great tool for independent people like us to utilize; it gives the fans a great way to interact and help support filmmakers and/or films they would like to see themselves. Lastly, it gives people a way to receive great perks one might not have the chance to acquire otherwise.

Fister: I’m excited to see Robert Nolan and Bill Oberst Jr. together. What led you to Bill, Zach?

Zach: I know I’m also very excited! Throughout the years I would see (Bill Oberst Jr.) in numerous projects. I’ve always kept my eye on Bill over the years, and what he is working on. As well as I would watch the teasers, trailers and clips from his films. I always thought he brought such a good vibe and fierce intensity to the screen. He is definitely quite a talent on the rise to look out for. I am greatly honored to have an actor such as Bill Oberst Jr. in one of Fatal Pictures’ films. I’m really anticipating seeing (Robert Nolan) and Bill play off one another.


Fister: How did you approach the special effects for Heir?

Zach: I feel the special effects should be approached and handled very delicately and is an exceptionally imperative element to HEIRHEIR, definitely depicts and dives head first into a lot of issues that require very authentic effects. We approached the effects for HEIR basically the same way we approached the effects in FAMILIAR. The fact that we have worked with the terrific special effects team The Butcher Shop on past films, we already had such a great rapport, they already knew how important Richard and I felt about practical effects vs CGI. So we were all on the same page, which made things that much smoother.

Please help support Fatal Pictures’HEIR” and contribute anything you can to the Kickstarter campaign, and please help make this film a reality, we really appreciate your support!

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