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[EMF] Effing Metal Friday! 1.10.14


Happy Friday, kids. Welcome back to another round of EFFING METAL FRIDAY! So, my latest obsessions are Twelve Foot Ninja and Suicide Silence. I listen to XM Radio a lot while I’m commuting and Liquid Metal is always on. I spend 50% of my car time hating drivers, and the other half jamming metal. Yeah, one might bleed into the other. I heard Twelve Foot Ninja for the first time and about shit my pants. I love technical skill when the song is richer for it. I don’t dig this poly-rhythmic, jagoff metal that doesn’t seem to exist save for the sole purpose of never experiencing a groove. There’s my two cents for the week, spend it wisely and enjoy some metal! \m/

Yeah, there’s three Twelve Foot Ninja videos in a row. It’s awesome to see more metal bands enjoyed cool/moronic videos.

Don’t judge. I was an impressionable 7 year old when I got Destroyer and this has been earbugging me all week.

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