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‘I Heart Monster Movies’ Documentary


Directed by Tyler Benjamin

Written by Jennifer Loomis

Horror movies access the deepest fears of imagination. From B grade to breathtaking, horror fans consume fright,awaiting the latest, greatest titillation. They build collections and boost fandom at conventions and events. Lifestyles and careers spring out of this dark inspiration. What need does horror fulfill? Is it more than just bloodlust? Horror fans reveal what draws them to the macabre. An honest, in-depth, behind-the-scenes view into their obsessions, fears, ethos and philosophies. What fuels these unique individuals? Written by Darcy McMullen & Jennifer Loomis

If there’s one thing that I love with all my heart, it’s horror. Like most horror fans, I became a fan at an early age. If I had to guess what made horror movies interesting or acceptable to me, I think it all goes back to how much I loved to read comic books. Following characters like Superman or Spider-Man requires a certain suspension of disbelief, and I think that opened the world up to me. I loved Halloween, scary pranks, drawing monsters and haunted houses, and had a strange love of fog. Well, strange for an eight year old.

I grew up in a tiny Illinois town called Farmer City. Picture Haddonfield, Illinois minus the palm trees in the background and you probably have a good idea of where I come from. The son of conservative Southern Baptists, I somehow got a free pass to horror movies. My first horror movie memories would have to be watching Hammer Films when I was a kid. The Horror of Dracula stands out. I conned my parents into taking me to see John Carpenter’s Halloween at the theater, and that ultimately served two purposes. Halloween is forever my favorite horror film, and it cemented my love of going to the movies. How I talked my folks into taking me to such R-rated works of blood, boobs, and terror, I’ll ever know. Or maybe it’s just that I was super spoiled. I tell you these things to explain how deeply rooted a love of horror is. It’s for these very reasons that I watched I Heart Monster Movies tonight.

I Heart Monster Movies is a documentary about horror films and the horror world at large. Both fans and stars present a comprehensive view of this expansive universe. Horror films, fans, special effects artists, body modifiers, musicians, horror actors, visual artists; the horror-verse is everywhere in 2014. Not everyone is born of horror, some find it later in life, or even by accident. Some people love to be scared, some love violence and creative death, others love the director or actor’s influence, the reasons remain unlimited.

A wide swath of horror icons are represented. I loved hearing stories from Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, P.J. Soles, Doug Bradley, Tom Savini, Dee Wallace, Linnea Quigly, and stars from other walks of horror fame. Fans and actors gush about their love of the genre and regardless of the different reasons and approaches, everyone has an abiding love of horror films. It doesn’t matter if you’re starring in a film or watching it; horror resonates from deep within us. It used to be about good versus evil, but in 2014 we know that some scenarios exist without a hint of goodness. Try to pick a good guy in Freddy vs Jason. Horror is ever evolving, ever progressing to present more diversified and terrifying films. Slashers, Satanic murders, monsters, ghosts, aliens; all things terrifying have a home in horror. If you’re here, you probably already have a soft spot for horror. If not, maybe you should stop by the video store on the way home. Oh, wait, this is 2014…we don’t have video stores anymore. I meant stop by Best Buy, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, iTunes, HBO GO, or the other 300 places we can watch horror in this glorious age.



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5 Comments on ‘I Heart Monster Movies’ Documentary

  1. Victor De Leon // January 8, 2014 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    I gotta check this out! Looks good. Thanks!

  2. This sounds awesome!!!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on this movie!

    “…If not, maybe you should stop by the video store on the way home. Oh, wait, this is 2014…we don’t have video stores anymore.”

    A couple of recent news items suggest otherwise 🙂 Well, one or two at least…

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