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Yes! Warner Brothers & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Finalizing ‘Sandman’


Warner Brothers are reportedly finalizing a deal with Gordon-Levitt to produce and star in Neil Gaiman’s insanely popular comic from Vertigo, ‘Sandman‘ . David Goyer, writer of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Man of Steel, is also along for the dreamy ride. The deal names Gordon-Levitt as the protagonist, and that’s good news because this kid can act. He’s high on my list of possible Fister Bromances, especially after his 2012 performance on Saturday Night Live.

Part horror, part ethereal fantasy; all awesome, Neil Gaiman released the first issue in September of 1988. DC’s headier offshoot, Vertigo, a comic for people looking for meatier stuff, published the series. Sandman is an amazing book about a man called Morpheus, the very embodiment of dreams, and his revenge after escaping from a 70 year prison stint.

The wait for this is going to be brutal, but you can catch Gordon-Levitt in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, from Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

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