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‘The Walking Dead’ February Promo & Behind the Scenes of “Too Far Gone”


It can’t be good that the comic’s creator, Robert Kirkman, chimed in with this promo/caveat for fans of The Walking Dead.

Regarding S4E9, he said this:

“Episode 9 will probably be the episode that’s closest to a direct adaptation from the comic book aside from the premiere episode. It’s been a lot of fun for me working on them because I’m basically just rewriting something I’ve already written, which means I get to go back in and go, ‘Woah, what’d you do there? Let’s fix that.’”

Fans of the show are still reeling from the death of a fan favorite last night. You can get your hands on spoilers right here.


Does this imply Lilly, Lori and Lil’ Asskicker’s killer from the comics, will take Judith out next week? A more homogenized television version would probably be Lilly taking Judith to replace her walker-bait daughter, who died from a zombie bite in last night’s insane episode. I’m sure more trauma awaits and I’m all for following the comic template. That would certainly weed out the casual fans of the show, because Kirkman is absolutely brutal in his approach. Kudos to all involved last night.


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  1. A lot of unknowns can’t wait 😀

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