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‘The Walking Dead’ S4E7 “Dead Weight” Review



“You can’t think forever. Sooner or later, you gotta make a move.” True words of wisdom from The Governor, aka “Brian Heriot”, aka “Phillip Blake”, as he played a game of chess with Megan last night. Picking up after he and Megan were rescued from the walker pit by former Woodbury strong-arm, Martinez; Brian seemed to have a lot on his twisted mind.

Phillip tricked me last week. I had to admit it, but he pulled it off. Anyone familiar with The Walking Dead knows the man is a driven cold-blooded killer with a bit of a God complex. His acclimated position as a cog in Martinez’ new camp didn’t last very long and it was easy to see it coming. Martinez doesn’t oust him as the former Woodsbury killer, rapist, and all around bad guy; instead, he allowed him to join as long as he agreed to pitch in – “No dead weight.” as Martinez put it. Mitch takes to calling him “One-Eye Bri”, a man viewed (at least personally) as a hero and survivor last week. That’s fine for “Brian”. The man is a hero with a legitimate raison d’etre, but below the surface lurks Phillip along with his history and inescapable past. Split personalities be damned, Brian can only contain Phillip for so long.

First up on the chopping block was Martinez, whose last moments involved being clobbered by a 9 iron welding Phillip, and eventually fed to the pit walkers face first. That lingering humanity faded fast. Next was poor Pete, the self-appointed leader with a soul. At the end of the episode, tank owner, Mitch was all that was left of the original leaders. His tank is clearly a tool The Gov will want when they attack the prison next week. Speaking of attacks, Pete, Brian, and Martinez happen across a group of 10-12 survivors with their own camp. The collective will of Pete keeps those people alive albeit for a short time. Later, the group is found slaughtered and their supplies lifted. Does this mean we have a rogue group of survivors willing to kill arbitrarily?

How quickly The Governor establishes a Woodbury 2.0. The one-eyed sociopath drops Pete’s body to the bottom of the lake, Phillip’s new head aquarium of sorts. He stares down coldly at Zombie Pete, who forcibly acquiesces to a submerged unlife. Still on his new leadership tear, The Governor pumps up the group to survive, to take what they want, to stand against the prison survivors. The preview for next week showed the entire group, tank included, assaulting the prison walls. Remember that first scene of the clean-shaven Gov standing outside the prison walls? Well, last night ended with The Gov drawing his gun and aiming for Michonne who’s outside helping Hershel. The series promises deaths next week. At this point, I’m not sure who’s safe. Hershel seems too obvious, which makes me nervous for Glenn and Maggie.


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3 Comments on ‘The Walking Dead’ S4E7 “Dead Weight” Review

  1. Pond Zombie was good 😀

    The Governors return was a little rushed, I don’t really grasp how he can go from family man to lets invade a prison with a tank. What?!

    Not sure why a group of ill prepared or untrained people who are essentially committing suicide because some guy they have known for 5 minutes thinks its a good idea? Seems like a massive leap forward in their ruthless home taking ways. Whatever! Not as impressive as the books 😦

    • Oh, man, the book is on a totally different level in every regard. I assumed those new sheep/survivors were so anxious to find a home that they’re willing to certainly die in the process. He’s charismatic and all, but THAT influential?

      • Yeah its just not quite making the right connections for me. Maybe it will be explained better in the next episode, perhaps more time passes between this and the invasion of prison.

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